One of my new favorite clothing obsessions is bodysuits. You see them everywhere nowadays and I can understand why; find the right one and it’s your favorite piece of clothing! Largely because you can wear them with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or even some to the beach. Most of them are fairly simple, but some bring a little flare. Not that I am complaining, simple is my ideal description when it comes to clothing because it doesn’t mean boring, it means versatile. Something that is simple you can dress up or down, pair with a fun jacket, or wear a number of different ways without people even realizing it is the same staple piece you had on last week.

My favorite bodysuit is the Bangin’ Bodysuit from Free People - $40. I ended up liking it so much I got it in two colors. Pair it with some high-waisted shorts and a flannel around your waist for casual look or a nice pair of trousers, heels, and short-cut jacket for brunch.


I wore the black one, which is more of a greyish color, the other week while exploring Wynwood along with the Vera Bradely RFID All in One Crossbody Bag in the Cuban Stamps print - $58 (perfect for holding all of my necessities). If you aren’t familiar with what or even where Wynwood is, it is a neighborhood in Miami known for its walls that are decorated by incredibly talented artists. Artists essentially rent wall space to paint and show their work. The entire area is like walking through a museum! We had a blast playing games at Wynwood Brewing Co, sipping fancy cocktails at Wynwood Diner, and seeing Plant The Future’s living art arrangements. The great thing about wearing basic colors to Wynwood is you don’t clash with all of the art!

I’m intrigued to try out the Effie Bow Tie Bodysuit from by the way., the 1x1 Venice Stripe Bodysuit by Splendid, and the All Ruffled Up Bodysuit from Luca & Grae. If it isn’t a high neck piece, I want the straps to be adjustable which all of these are.

Have you found any bodysuits you are in love with? Let me know in the comments!

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