Even though summer is just about over, I finally started enjoying summer & have a few trips coming up so I recently bought a couple new swimsuits.. oops. I'm not sure about you, but I haven't bought a new swimsuit in at least two years so it was high time (95% of my swimsuits are from VS so since they've stopped making them I've been SOL). Swimsuits to me are a big commitment because you need it to fit you right & if you want it to fit you right you usually have to pay a pretty penny for something you probably won't wear all that often. Also, I have an incredibly difficult time finding swimsuits I like in a store & which ends up with me resorting to online shopping. Don't get me wrong I LOVE online shopping - probably too much - but swimsuits are one of the things, again, you need to fit.

I took a dive (pun intended) & purchased a swimsuit from Wave Babe Swimwear. I am beyond impressed with their customer service so thank you guys so much for giving me a swimsuit I love & for dealing with me being a PITA (as my dad would say - Pain In The A$$) customer who needed an exchange. I went against one of my swimsuit rules which is no white, but I'm not sorry about it.

I got the Monaco Top - $48 & Bottom - $54 from their Jet Set Collection & am obsessed with the bottoms (also comes in black). This for me is a huge thing because I am not a girl who shows off my curves in a bikini so I love that the bottom is a cheeky but not insanely cheeky, is high-waisted, and has a dip in the back of it which for me counteracts the feeling of wearing a diaper in high-waisted swim bottoms. The top fit pretty good which is more than I can say about any other swimsuit I own. It is definitely not something to jump off a high dive in, but what really is? I love how their suits are chic & minimalist. Plus they come in really cute packaging with a dry bag to pack your swimsuit in after it is soaked or store jewelry in etc. which is always a bonus!

With all of the struggles I've gone through trying to find a swimsuit that fits amazing online, I wanted to share a few tips that will hopefully help you when shopping for yours!

  1. Check to make sure it has padding / no padding - depending on what you want, you don't want to assume.
  2. Read the reviews - these will give you such good insight into the brand or fit.
  3. Know your body - if you aren't comfortable wearing a thong bikini make sure it isn't one. Sometimes the pictures can be misleading so you want to make sure you definitely know what you're ordering when it comes to a swimsuit.
  4. Take measurements - most places online now will tell you the measurement of at least one size for you to get an idea of how it will fit & have size guides that are estimates for the rest. Don't only look at the measurements though - measure yourself for a good idea especially since you're probably going to have to get a different size top & bottom. Most bloggers would tell you to order two sizes which is great if you are shopping major retailers that have free returns or have a store close by, but when shopping small it would be easier just to message them & see what they recommend. Most likely they will be more than happy to help!
  5. Double check the return policy - you don't want to be SOL if you can't return it or exchange sizes!
  6. Check social media - personally, I always feel better buying from a brand after stalking their social media for comments or other reviews especially when it is a place I have never shopped before.

I hope these tips will help you feel more confident when shopping for your next swimsuit online! Where do you like to get your swimsuits from? Comment below!

Monaco Top
Monaco Bottom

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