Looking for a gift for the person in your life who loves hosting the get-togethers, always has everything you need, and brings the perfect dish? Now it's your turn to give the perfect gift! Check out the list of handpicked items for the hostess!

  1. Monogrammed Marble & Wood Serving Board - $63: Who wouldn't love displaying this in their kitchen or at an upcoming party?
  2. Party Planning Book - $20: The perfect guide every hostess needs for their upcoming lists of parties - from dinner to holiday.
  3. Lolli and Pops Topp'd Gift Set - $49: S'mores galore with this gift set!
  4. Wood Salad Bowl - $49: I'm a huge salad fan and love a salad in a wood bowl at your next dinner party! The hostess is sure to thank you!
  5. Marble & Copper Cake Stand - $89: Cake stands aren't just for cake anymore. They're great for decorating, holding appetizers, cookies - all the works!
  6. Plush Throw - $40: New blankets are the best.. who doesn't want to cuddle up on a warm winter night?
  7. Essential Oil Diffuser - $119: Essential oils are great for their amazing scents and for health benefits. They're more expensive than candles, but last much longer!
  8. 25 oz Insulated Beverage Bottle - $40: This bottle is great for the hostess and the party queen because it holds a bottle of wine and keeps it cold!
  9. Mini Tin Candle Set - $40: If the Diffuser is out of your price range, a tin candle set is still an excellent gift!
  10. Marquesa Ceramic Vase - $90: Fill the vase with flowers and take it to your holiday party as a gift for the host! Such a cute gesture and something they can keep more than a week.

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