This Fashionista gift guide is perfect for your stylish friend or sister. Whoever the fashion lover is, you know they'll be loving what they unwrap this year!

  1. Brixton Fiddler Hat - $42: All the fashionistas are loving the fiddler hat trend right now. Impress them with your up-to-date trend knowledge with this gift!
  2. Double Buckle Faux Leather Belt - $25 on sale for $13! Another current favorite is the double buckle belt. The more vintage looking the more obsessed!
  3. Midnight Hour Vegan Leather Tote - $88: You can't go wrong with this minimalist yet chic tote. Bonus on the vegan leather!
  4. No Thank You Tee - $48: Because we're extra like that.
  5. Rosè Ceramic Tray - $22: Rosè all day with this serving tray! Perfect for girls night!
  6. Slouchy Cuff Beanie with Faux Fur - $96: I originally was going to post a different beanie that was very similar and cheaper, but it had raccoon fur. When I found this Faux Fur Beanie, it's a perfect fit!
  7. Damefaris Boot - $149: 😱 enough said.
  8. Whiskey Business Dish Towels - $25: A kitchen accessory perfect for any fashion lover's kitchen.
  9. Tabora Pullover with Velvet Sleeves - $150: Velvet is all the rage and this pullover gives you the right amount with velvet covered sleeves on a black chic top.
  10. Urban Concrete Soy Wax Candle - $34: Elegant and good smelling!

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