We all have an exercise addict in our lives. Even if they aren't that exercise obsessed you know they will show up to brunch in yoga pants! Get the gift they are sure to love this Christmas. From leggings to wellness journals, take your pick!

  1. Wellbeing Weekly Diary - $35: A amazing diary for those who want to track their progress over the next year!
  2. Puffa Scarf - $145: Give them a scarf that allows your fitness addict to keep their sporty look with a more casual outfit.
  3. bkr Spiked Water Bottle - $40: Great for keeping in the car when running errands or for hardcore workouts when hitting the gym!
  4. Adidas Duffle Bag - $45: A new gym accessory never hurt anyone.
  5. Marble Print Yoga Mat - $75: Yoga mats are a good gift for a yogi or a cross fit babe.
  6. Think Future Hoodie - $68:
  7. Bose Wireless Headphones - $150: Wireless headphones are the best way to get pumped up for a workout or run!
  8. Drill Pant - $123: Military green with small cut outs make your fitness addict's new favorite leggings!
  9. Nike Roshe Sneaker - $90 on sale for $70! These nikes go with any outfit whether its to run errands or workout.
  10. Fitbit Flex Bangle - $90 on sale for $60! A fashion accessory and fitness tracker.

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