With Earth Day just around the corner, I wanted to share with you some of my newest favorite things in my effort to be sustainable!

Stasher Bags

Stashers are my latest obsession. These bags are your eco friendly replacement for ziplock baggies made of silicone and are of course reusable. They're good for storing dog treats, fruits, veggies and sandwiches on the go but also great for cooking. You can purchase the larger stasher bags to marinate chicken or poach salmon in since the bags can withstand heat. Find Stasher Bags online, at Anthropologie, Goop and even Target (although Target doesn't have a large variety of colors / sizes).

Stasher Bags

Compostable Containers

I go through a lot of fruit and veggies normally and since juicing the past few months the amount I use daily has doubled. Because of this, I've invested some energy into composting. My favorite find to make this easier was a countertop compost bin. It is like a mini trashcan for your countertop that looks cute and prevents the smell (like 0 smell at all coming out of this thing 5 days later if I can make it that long without totally filling it up with scraps). I purchased mine from Bed Bath & Beyond and got the 1-gallon container (there are different sizes so pay attention). Shop it here.

If you want to get really fancy and spend the money, the FoodCycler is a machine that composts your food in 3 hours and I've heard amazing things about it. Watch their video and it will show you what the food looks like 3 hours later and it's pretty cool if you are like me and think composting is cool.

Bee's Wrap

Bee's Wrap is what you would use as your eco friendly alternative in place of cling wrap and is reusable. The wrap sticks to your plates, bowls, and containers to keep them sealed and fresh! You can even make your own out of pieces of fabric so this summer I am going to give that a try instead of purchasing more!

Food Huggers

I love my Food Huggers! I saw these months ago on Good Morning America and purchased a few to try out. I use them all the time with avocados, tomatoes, and limes. If you don't already have these I highly recommend getting them!

Other Favorites

Some other favorites I've talked about before are HydroFlask water bottles, LunchSkins, travel silverware and bags for fruits and veggies and you can shop them all below!


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