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Earth Day is one of my personal favorite days of the year because it is the one day that a majority of people try to do something better for the planet and are aware of how their actions affect the environment around them.

These actions that most people only think about one day a year are simple actions people can implement in their every day lives. For example, you may not know that over 1 million single use plastic bags are used every minute and the lifespan of that bag is less than 12 minutes long. Meaning each plastic bag is used for an average of less than 12 minutes before 97% of them are thrown away, lost or floating around because yes less than 3% of these bags are recycled. An average of 200,000 enter a landfill every hour - thats just shy of 5 million a day assuming my math is correct. And lastly, these single use plastic bags take about 1,000 years to decompose. And by decompose I mean the plastic breaks up into micro pieces of plastic because plastic never actually decomposes.

By spending $1 on a reusable bag that replaces 170 plastic bags you are making a HUGE difference. You don't want to get my started on water bottles and straws. Moral of this post - lets treat every day like Earth Day and love our planet because we only have one!

In celebration on Earth Day, I'm sharing with you some of my favorite eco-friendly brands that I have personally shopped and love! Check them out ↓

  1. Stream2Sea makes ocean and reef safe sunscreen along with a few other products. Most importantly they test their products to make sure they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable then share these results on their website. Not to mention if you choose a nonprofit before checking out they donate a portion of profits to that organization. My favorite product of theirs is their Leave-In Conditioner. If you are a fellow mermaid, this comes in handy to avoid a top knot that is literally a million knots after swimming all around in the ocean. Stream2Sea also recently shared this blog post about how to spot sunscreen imposters that can claim to be reef-safe but really aren't. If this is something you are interested in, I definitely encourage you to follow them and check out the post here.
  2. I'm With The Band Headbands (LA based brand) sells headbands made out of organic bamboo what?! You will definitely see me wearing this on my Instagram in the coming weeks because I'm obsessed. They also aim to "leave the lightest footprint possible" and carefully source all of their materials.
  3. There are ton of awesome swimwear brands out there that focus on using environmentally materials from plastic bags to bamboo in their fabrics. Saltwater Collective is one of my favorites that use a fabric made of abandoned fishing nets and plastic scraps. They also (used to - not sure if they still do) donate a portion of profits to nonprofits.
  4. Sea Turtle Wax makes 100% soy candles with natural oils in recyclable glass holders while donating a large portion of profits to ocean conservation groups. The candles burn for 55 hours and smell so freaking amazing.
  5. Soulucean based in Pensacola, FL makes gorgeous clutches with waterproof liners made of 100% PVC pipe. They also sell traditional blankets woven by women in Ecuador. Like many of the other brands on this list, Soulucean donates 10% of profits to ocean conservation and beach cleanup groups.
  6. Norton Point from Martha's Vineyard & LA use plastic in the ocean and plant based materials to create high end sunglasses. From every sale, they put 5% of it back to research and conservation efforts.

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